Apart from the crisis of the COVID 19 pandemic, our country has been thrown into the crises of the divisions created by politics and racism.

Everyone and their neighbour has had their say about the state of T&T before, during and after the general elections of 2020. Lots of talk back and forth. But what are the solutions?

Here are two to consider now that the new government has been installed:

• A meeting between the Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition, the President, the Chief Justice, head of IRO. The agenda is obvious given the crises stated above.

• The Ministry of Education to make mandatory, via its curriculum department, the introduction of an age-applicable “Racism” component in all educational institutions starting at the kindergarten level up to and including tertiary level.

Our little ones will be equipped to resist the teachings that will enter their minds, mainly in their homes.

These are just two simple things that can be done that will make the world of…a wonderful opportunity to bring about healing to our nation.