Murder victim Adeina Adana Allen

The criminal element went on a rampage yesterday, killing three people, including two teenagers and a 60-year-old man.

And in another incident, a San Fernando man stabbed his girlfriend to death before taking his own life in a domestic-related matter.

In the latest incident, police said mother of three Adeina Adana Alleyne, 35, was stabbed to death by her common-law husband inside her Building Five apartment at Embacadere, San Fernando, sometime before 7 pm.

Police said around 7 pm, a relative of Alleyne discovered her body soaked in blood inside her apartment’s bedroom. Her common-law husband Dwight Waldrop, also know as Quan, was found hanging in a nearby room.

A relative said Waldrop, a security officer, had accused Alleyne of being unfaithful during and argument. However, they said Alleyne, an employee at Puff and Stuff Bakery in Vistabella, was a quiet and pleasant woman. They said the couple had two sons together but they were not at the apartment at the time of the incident.

San Fernando police and officers from the Homicide Bureau of Investigations Region Three responded.

Hours before this, police officers who were on the crime scene at Bon Air, Arouca, up to late last night, said Akid Duke, 15, was believed to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time when he was killed.

Duke was fatally shot at about 3.30 pm while seated in a car that was parked along 12th Avenue, off Circular Street, Bon Air Gardens. Police said the boy was waiting on his mother, who went into the community for a job interview. However, he was unknowingly parked in gang territory. Police said a gunman approached the vehicle and fired about a dozen shots towards Duke.

Just half an hour earlier in Las Lomas, Hammat George was one of three people who were shot while along Jankie Trace.

Residents heard a spate of rapid gunshots and upon checking found three men nursing gunshot wounds. One man was shot in the legs, the other in the abdomen and George was hit several times about the body. George succumbed to his wounds at the scene. The other two injured men were taken for medical treatment.

The day started off with the discovery of the body of missing teenager Christopher Cummings, 17.

Cummings’ body was found under a pile of galvanise sheets in a park off Achong Trace, Tunapuna – a stone’s throw from where he lived. The was discovered by CEPEP workers doing beautification works in the area. Police said the boy was shot several times in the chest and upper body.

Cummings was reported missing since last Friday. Speaking at the family’s Balthazar Street home, Cummings’ sister, Crystal Allene, said she didn’t know why her brother was killed. She described her brother as a “cool, humble and respectable” young boy.

His relatives expressed anger over what they claimed was the police’s inaction in taking their missing person’s report seriously and the lack of interest in sending out search parties to look for the teenager.

“We don’t deserve this and Christopher didn’t deserve this. He was never locked up by police for guns, weed or robberies. Once he was growing his hair and didn’t have it plaited and the police stopped him and told him by his appearance he would be judged and being the respectable person my brother was, he went and cut his hair after. Why? Because he respected the police for what they said to him,” Alleyne said.

“All those sleepless nights we spent looking for Christopher and he was right under our noses all along. We went to the Tunapuna Police Station on Saturday afternoon and the police turned us away saying they had no receipt to give us, to come the next day. They showed us the receipt book empty. We went back Sunday and nothing again. This morning (Tuesday) after 1 am they came by us to gather information, at that hour when people are supposed to be in their beds asleep.”

She added, “We are poor people. If my brother was white or had an Indian name the police would have done something, that is why people breeding monsters out here.”

Alleyne said Cummings was a Type I diabetic and needed daily insulin for survival, adding she did not think that someone would have killed her brother and “put him under galvanize right close to their home like a dog.”

Cummings’ elder brother Kadeem Sawyer was murdered near the Tunapuna Market in 2014 and his father passed away two years ago.

A police officer from the Tunapuna station who did not want to be named said the police took a report from the family and were investigating his disappearance. Asked whether or not the police had launched search parties to look for the missing teen, the officer replied: “There would have been an assigned investigating officer to the case.”

The murders took the count so far for the year to 64. At the same time last year, the figure was 117.