FLASHBACK: Police officers and security officers attached to Amalgamated Security near the Beetham in February 2017. Inset: Gary Griffith, Commissioner of Police.

The state would not be held liable for the termination of the contracts for four private security firms used in the short-lived patrol programme.

This is according to Minister of National Security Stuart Young at a virtual press conference yesterday.

“There is not going to be any penalty incurred for the cancellation of the contracts. The four security firms would be paid for the two days that they provided service…but there is not going to be any further penalty and no sums of money were paid as yet,” he said.

He noted that further discussions would be had.

The four companies contracted were Amalgamated, Allied, Innovative Technologies and Protective Agencies but the contract was subsequently terminated, hours after the Ministry of National Security divulged in a press release it had begun.

At a press conference on Wednesday, Young said, “It has become apparent in last 12 to 24 hours that the population of Trinidad and Tobago believe they currently feel safe enough and there’s no need to add any additional layer of security to what our Defence Force and police service are doing. It is clear that many people already feel secure and believe there is no need for this extra proactive measure that was designed and being implemented to give extra comfort to the population of Trinidad and Tobago. We have heard from the population and are very happy to hear that the population feel secure without the need for any additional measure that was not even going to cost a fraction of what other measures are costing.”