The newly consecrated flag of the Fire Service is presented to National Security Minister Stuart Young during the Fire Service Consecration and Presentation of Colours at the Grand Stand, Queen’s Park Savannah, Port-of-Spain on Sunday.

The United National Congress (UNC) said details of the cost that the T&T Government will have to pay the United States based company—Vertical Aviation Services—for breach of contract, because a helicopter never arrived, is outrageous and has placed the blame on National Security Minister Stuart Young.

In a statement yesterday, the party said: The country is now getting the details of the outrageous costs that the Government of Trinidad and Tobago will have to pay Vertical Aviation Services in the US, all because of Stuart Young. If Vertical Aviation gets the $100 million judgment that it is demanding, it is wholly the fault of Stuart Young’s dangerous, reckless, vindictive, incompetent, pushy, infantile, and simply dotish behaviour.”

“We need to put a figure on exactly how much Stuart Young’s incompetence and his petty politics are costing us,” The statement added

The UNC said on this matter alone, the cost of us keeping Young as Minister of National Security is $45,630.85 every single day. And that figure rises every day, because there is $30,000 added daily as interest.

“We have not even counted the disaster caused by Stuart Young through the gas negotiations in Houston and the matters involving the Dutch Government and Damen ships and engineers.”

On top of that, we have to add the enormous damage to our country’s reputation that he has caused with the Barbadian Government and the lock out of Trinidad and Tobago citizens, with the US Government and the Delcy (Rodriguez) visit and with the Canadian and UK governments and the lock out of citizens stuck in Canada,” the release said.

The UNC said T&T cannot afford to keep Young as Minister of National Security any longer and has called for his dismissal from the Government.