UNC Senator Wade Mark shows a picture of Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi without a face mask as he appeared on the Vibes With Voicey show during the UNC’s press conference yesterday.

The United National Congress has called on Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley to fire Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi for his failure to wear a mask during an appearance on social media live show last Thursday.

Al-Rawi appeared on Vibes With Voicey, a weekly show hosted by soca artiste Aaron “Voice” St Louis and radio personality Jared Penny, where he participated in a charity game show alongside North East Division Superintendent Roger Alexander, celebrity bodyguard Kevin “Johnny Bravo” Day Costa and another media personality, Ancil ‘Blaze’ Isaac.

The event was held at Voice’s studio at this private residence. While all those who participated in the event sanitised their hands upon entrance, none of those present wore masks.

During their weekly opposition press conference in Port-of-Spain yesterday, Senator Wade Mark led the call for the Attorney General to be dismissed.

“He is a lawmaker in the day but a lawbreaker in the night,” said Mark, who pointed out that Al-Rawi brought the mask-wearing legislation to the Parliament last August.

The legislation made it mandatory for face masks to be worn in public, including when in a private vehicle with more than one occupant.

“This gentleman came to the Parliament as you recall, to demand through legislation the mandatory wearing of face masks. He say it was mandatory to wear face masks. He said if you do not wear face masks you can be fined, I think it is $1,000 each, if you are not wearing your face mask,” Mark said.

During the Ministry of Health COVID-19 media briefing on Saturday, the Prime Minister said he was disappointed that the Attorney General appeared on the show without a mask.

Yesterday, Mark said simply stating his disappointment was not enough.

“We are not going to rest until the Prime Minister fires Faris Al-Rawi,” he said.

“In the full glare of the public on a social media platform, the Prime Minister tells us he is disappointed. No, Mr Prime Minister, you are not supposed to be disappointed only,” said Mark, who also called on Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith to arrest the Attorney General.

“Here is the evidence!” said Mark, as he held up a binder of still captures taken from the event which depicted the Attorney General without a mask.

“Arrest the Attorney General. He has broken the law. Any ordinary individual in this country who was caught without the mask. They would have been charged.”

When contacted about the Opposition Senator’s call to arrest the Attorney General yesterday, Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith said he would not comment on statements made on a political platform without having all of the facts in the matter before him.