Richard Sukdeo will be contesting a district in the Chaguanas Borough Corporation for the UNC.

The UNC’s candidate for Cunupia in the upcoming by-elections said he plans to tackle problems relating to infrastructure and abandoned empty lots.

Richard Sukdeo, 65, was given the nod by his party to fill the void left by Vandana Mohit, the former Chaguanas Mayor.

Mohit gave up her post as councillor for the area on the Chaguanas Borough Corporation (CBC) to contest the seat of Chaguanas East in the 2020 General Election.

Sukdeo, a former public servant, said he brings a wealth of experience and a level of maturity to the CBC.

Sukdeo said he has been actively involved in politics at the ground level and the constituency executive level.

He said he wants to marry his experience in the public service with his experience in politics to continue the level of transformation at the CBC.

He said the major roadblock to bringing services to the community is the lack of funding.

“ We need to get more funding to cater for the expansion that is taking place in the borough,” Sukdeo said.

He said the crime was also a problem in Cunupia.

Sukdeo added the community was deeply concerned that Venezuelans are being used by local criminal elements.

Sukdeo said he was happy to be chosen as a mature candidate by the UNC. He said there is the need to create a balance of youth and experience in politics to ensure wider voices can be heard.

Sukdeo said his plans are to represent the people and he would not succumb to any level of bureaucracy or political arrogance at the CBC.

“I am here about the people’s business, this is not about me or anything. This is about the peoples’ business, getting the people’s business done, their wishes, their concerns must be given top priority. This is the work of a councillor, I think at the local level.”

Sukdeo said he has received many complaints about empty lots that may contain vermin and serve as a hiding ground for criminals.

He said the first step would be to enter into dialogue with property owners to have them clean it. He said if this does not work he plans on using other measures to ensure the lots are cleared and maintained.