Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley during the announcement of the drilling of the BHP Broadside Exploration Well at a media conference hosted by the Ministry of Energy at the Diplomatic Centre, St Ann’s, in September.

The Opposition United National Congress spokesperson on Energy, Anita Haynes, has raised concern that the failed Broadside exploration well could lead to significant challenges for T&T’s energy sector.

Responding to an exclusive story in yesterday’s Business Guardian in which it was revealed that the highly anticipated Broadside well was a dry hole, Haynes said the government had failed in the country’s most important economic sector.

In a news release Haynes said: “Two months ago, Keith Rowley, with much fanfare, announced the drilling of the BHP Broadside Exploration Well at the Southern Deepwater Acreage. The Prime Minister, while boasting that this would be the deepest well ever drilled in our country, even appeared to suggest that the genesis of this well was as a result of his 2018 trip to Australia during which he met with BHP executives. Today, according to a report by the Trinidad and Tobago Guardian, the total depth has been reached at the Broadside Exploration Well and it is empty. There is no better metaphor for our energy sector under this administration than an empty well.”

The first term MP for Tabaquitte called on the Rowley administration to speak the truth about the state of the deepwater exploration programme.

“I am calling on the government to tell the nation the truth with the same exuberance as when the announcement for this venture was made two months ago. What are the latest developments concerning drilling at the Broadside Exploration Well? Is it true that the drillship is now preparing to sail away from the area? Most importantly, what is next for T&T?” she insisted.

This could prove to be a major blow to the country as it was hoped this well would find oil and de-risk the southern blocks of the country’s deep water. It however failed.