UNC MP Saddam Hosein at Monday night's UNC meeting.

Gail Alexander

“National Security Minister Stuart Young must resign!”

So said United National Congress (UNC) speakers at Monday night’s UNC virtual meeting.

While the UNC had stated the feature address would have been given by political leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar, she was not present.

Party members say she was called “away to an important meeting”. Nobody could confirm what the issue was.

Last week Persad-Bissessar had attended Parliament but left mid-afternoon to go for a health check, it was reported last weekend.

On Monday night calls for Young, Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi and the Government to go were echoed by speakers including MP Dr Roodal Moonilal.

UNC MP Saddam Hosein, responding to calls for UNC to support the Bail act, said the UNC had voted for the Bail Amendment Act which denies bail for 120 days.

He said it was in force when the suspect in Andrea Bharatt’s death was spotlighted. That suspect had 70 charges.

Hosein added, “This was the law when this person on 70 charges was granted bail! What is the Government doing? They need to get up and do their job. We’ve said the laws aren’t working. They need to implement them. We supported you with this bill, and you still failing!”

“You failed Andrea Bharatt. You failed Ashanti Riley. You failed Sean Luke, Akiel Chambers! All the thousands of citizens who’ve been murdered! You bringing Evidence Bill and Bail Bill – you must get up and do your jobs and if you can’t do that, you must resign!”

“The country fed up. People all over lighting candles and holdings prayers – Stuart Young you must go! The country crying! What more can we do to help you? Get up and do your work!”

Hosein detailed bills he said the PNM in Opposition didn’t support, “including the Bail Amendment Bill (2013). So is hypocrisy and lies from them! I want to tell Faris Al-Rawi – dog eat your shame! The population fed up. Call elections now. We ready to get the PNM out of office!”

UNC senator Damien Lyder added on Young, “An all-round failure – resign Stuart Young!”

UNC’s Jearlean John slammed Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi for his accusation that the UNC shed “crocodile tears” on the Bharatt murder when they should have been supporting laws to protect people.

“These people heartless – they need to go!”

She added that it takes hard work to run a country, “And if they can’t do it, we will. It’s time to put dem out!”

“We’re tired of living in fear, our young women are tired of not being able to get into public transport…we just fed up and tired of being fed up and tired and we need this government to go!”