Saddam Hosein and his parents Faizal and Diane Hosein after casting their votes at the Warrenville Presbyterian Primary School.


United National Congress (UNC) candidate for Barataria/San Juan, Saddam Hosein says there has been some concerns from voters in that area that hand sanitizer being used before voting is spoiling ballot papers.

Speaking to the media outside of the Warrenville Presbyterian Primary School today after casting his vote, Hosein said he has been advising voters as to what steps to take if this happens to them.

“The blotting of the ballot paper would mean the ballot paper can be considered a rejected ballot. We have advised those voters and those who are going to vote that they can ask for a new ballot paper so their vote can be counted after the close of the poll,” Hosein said.

He said there has been a steady stream of voters out even before the polls opened in the Barataria/San Juan constituency, which he says indicates the country is ready for change.

“Since 5.30 people have been lining up in front of the polling stations in Barataria/San Juan and the lines are still snaking and this shows there is a high level of frustration with this current administration.”

Hosein said some voters also complained about how long the voting process is taking with the new social distancing rules in place.

“We just had several complaints because at several police stations there are high volumes of voters, the voting is taking some length of time and you have a lot of people standing outside in line which may lead to some frustration where people have to stand in the sun for prolonged periods of time.”