UNC members as they protested outside the Parliament on Wednesday 27 January 2021, in support of the Opposition’s Motion of No Confidence in the Minister of National Security. (Image: SHIRLEY BAHADUR)

Supporters of the United National Congress (UNC) gathered outside the parliament this morning, in support of their political party’s No Confidence Motion against National Security Minister Stuart Young MP.

However, their demonstration was cut short as police stopped the protest and moved them from in front of the Parliament.

They were told they could resume at noon for two hours.

Dressed in their yellow T-shirts and equipped with placards that read, “Young is wrong”, the protesters took their action into Woodford Square, where they continued their call for the resignation of Young.

“We have friends and family outside.  That is not fair to the citizens of T&T…  I am out here because I think enough is enough and it is time for Stuart Young to get with it,” UNC supporter Louis Lane said.

Lane told Guardian Media before being scolded for doing so, that it has been almost a year since some citizens have been locked out of the country and have been applying for an exemption.  She said some people in society got preferential treatment.

“But you know for Christmas…  Alright, he is the Prime Minister of the country, but how many persons came in with his daughter?  How long did they have to apply to you to get exemption?  Why we have to go through this?” she said.

Lane said the houses of people stranded outside the borders were being broken into.

“Some people are losing everything,” she said.