Derek Timothy looks on as undertakers leave the crime scene with the body of his niece Ashanti Riley which was found in a forested area on La Canoa Road, Santa Cruz yesterday.

The UNC Women’s Arm has condemned the attacks on women, which has seen a spike in the last week.

The party’s Women’s Arm issued the following statement Saturday:

“Violence against women is more than a violation of human rights. It is also a security issue. Over the last decade, violence against women has become endemic. It has become a weapon of modern warfare, that specifically and structurally targets women.

This is unacceptable and punishable. It is not a private matter but should be dealt with by Government. It must be prevented, combated and alleviated through measures to help and protect the victims and through treatment and prosecution of the perpetrators.

Our Country reads daily of missing girls, families are in pain, following the missing bulletins for Ms. Ashanti Riley and Krystal Primus Espinoza and after extensive searches, Ms. Primus-Espinoza was found murdered. The UNC National Women’s Arm grieves with the family and offer our sincere condolences.

The UNC National Women’s Arm calls on the Government to act! The women in this country are under attack and it is the responsibility of the Government to put proper security measures and strategies in place for the protection of our Sisters in society!

The right of women and children to live free of violence depends on the protection of their human rights and a strong chain of justice. When it comes to protecting rights, Government is called on to review national legislation, practices and customs and abolish those that discriminate against women. Laws, policies and programmes that explicitly prohibit and punish violence must be put into place.

Government must act now! We urge citizens to stand in solidarity with these families and refrain from victim shaming! The perpetrators must feel the full brunt of the law, enough is enough!”