The US Embassy in Port-of-Spain.

Persons applying for US visas will now have to pay a fee for courier services, according to a new advisory issued by the U.S. Embassy in Port of Spain.

The change is effective immediately, the advisory states, noting that the Visa Unit will no longer be able to provide free courier services for visa applicants. 

“This applies to both immigrant visa (IV) and non-immigrant visa (NIV) processing, including cases where the interview has been waived,” the statement explains.

The US Embassy advisory notes that applicants will be required to use TT Post to submit their documents for both types of visas.  NIV cases that can be submitted as interview-waived applications should carefully follow detailed NIV document submission instructions outlined on the U.S. Embassy’s website, here… https://tt.usembassy.gov/submitting-an-interview-waived-u-s-non-immigrant-visa-application/.

The US Embassy Visa Unit also is reminding immigrant visa applicants to bring all necessary documents to their interview, in order to avoid follow-up document submission requirements and consequent visa issuance delays.  However, in the event that a consular officer requires additional documents, IV applicants should carefully follow the detailed IV document submission instructions outlined on the U.S. Embassy website, here… https://tt.usembassy.gov/submitting-documents-for-u-s-immigrant-visa-applicants/

The advisory says this service change necessitates that all visa applicants also must provide a pre-addressed return courier envelope in order to receive their passports back after the visas are processed, printed and placed in the applicants’ passports.  Both IV and NIV applicants should bring these return courier packets purchased from TT Post to their interview appointments.

Members of the public are reminded they can access comprehensive information on how to apply for both immigrant and non-immigrant visas, by:

● Calling the Visa Call Center at 1-868-235-4500; or

● Visiting the U.S. Embassy website at https://tt.usembassy.gov/visas/.