Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley shakes hands with US Ambassador Joseph Mondello at a meeting in September 2019.

The US Embassy yesterday released a detailed listing of all the financial assistance it has given to various organisations in T&T. While the single page with the information was posted to the US Embassy social media page without any context, it seemed to be a response to Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley who earlier this week, questioned where the money went when it came to aid from the US to assist with Venezuelan migrants.

When asked about his thoughts on the US Embassy’s statement issued over the weekend Prime Minister Rowley said: “just bear in mind that somebody or bodies are getting and have received $77 million for this purpose.

“It is certainly not the Government. It explains a lot,” he said

But yesterday in the information released, it showed the Embassy’s aid sheet included Democracy International, Living Water Community, UNHCR and Unicef.

The Embassy also assisted with COVID relief through the International Organisation of Migration (IOM) and the T&T Defence Force Heliport Facility.

It seemed to show that the money did not go directly to Government but organisations.

This latest statement from the Embassy is the second such release.

Five days ago, the Embassy blasted embattled Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and said that it was not the US sanctions that triggered the mass migration of Venezuelans but the dictatorial regime of the country’s leader.

Earlier this month, some 20 Venezuelan nationals boarded a pirogue in Guiria and headed to Trinidad. That boat capsized and the fleeing migrants perished.

The OAS (Organisation of American States) was critical of Venezuela in the wake of the mass tragedy.

Rowley then levelled criticism back at the OAS, calling for the “agents” and “imps” within the organisation to adhere to the truth. He lumped the OAS and the Opposition together with traffickers who sought to bring “cargo” into the country illegally.

Rowley was unapologetic about his criticism about the OAS and at a post-Cabinet news conference said that T&T would attend OAS meetings but would not vote on any resolution until the representative of Juan Guiado was removed and one representing Maduro was installed.