Shawn Bennett

Shawn Bennett, US Deputy Assistant Energy Secretary for Oil and Natural Gas, has met with members of the Board of the American Chamber of Commerce of Trinidad & Tobago (AMCHAM T&T), yesterday at the AMCHAM T&T building in Newtown.

The meeting primarily focused on the impact of the US becoming a major gas exporter and the structural changes to the industry as a result.

DAS Bennet emphasised that the US Administration would like to work collaboratively with T&T even as the private sectors in both countries compete in the market.

Bennett reportedly proposed some suggestions on how AMCHAM T&T might play a role in exposing Independent Producers in the US to potential opportunities in the onshore oil and gas sector in Trinidad.

Currently, the US is T&T’s largest trading partner, providing 28 per cent of its imports and accepting 48 per cent of its exports.

Patricia Ghany, President of AMCHAM T&T welcomed the exchange of ideas and business interests with the Deputy Assistant Secretary.

Ghany said “We are grateful to have been paid this special visit with such a high-ranking member of the US Energy Department. Our continued engagement with the US remains vital for our long-term growth and development.”

At the US Energy Department, DAS Bennet administers oil and gas programs, including research and development, analysis, and natural gas regulation.