UTP leader Nickocy Phillips

The leader of Tobago’s newest political party is accusing Chief Secretary Ancil Dennis of failing to deliver to his constituents in the Buccoo/Mt Pleasant district.

The political leader of the Unity of the People, Nickocy Phillips has also issued a call for the nominees rejected by the PNM’s candidate screening committee, to join the Unity of the People.

Speaking at a press conference on November 2, at the Buccoo Integrated Facility, Phillips said although Buccoo is home to both him and Chief Secretary Ancil Dennis several projects have not been completed and several issued that need urgent attention.

“The Buccoo boardwalk has started and stopped, started and stopped for close to fifteen years, poor draining and run-down sporting facilities are just some of the issues that have not been addressed in the Boccoo/Mt Pleasant district.”

He said the current representative Ancil Dennis has not delivered in spite of his many years’ in office and if elected he plans to make good on his promises to the people.

” There are a lot of issues in Buccoo that are being ignored and if it is that the people of Buccoo Mt Pleasant or Buccoo Coral Gardens itself don’t see it fit then I cannot and will not represent them and that’s not a problem with me.”

He referred to one instance where he had to “step in to get things done.”

“I remember when the basketball court needed to be fixed I was the one who had to step in and get the Secretary of Sports to fix it, it’s only when I started to make noise that things were done.”

The UTP first surfaced in August, when Phillips offered himself as a candidate for the Tobago West district in the general elections.

Of the four candidates in the running, Phillips placed third with 22 votes, 4,222 votes behind the PDP’s Tashia Burris.

The PNM’s Shamfa Cudjoe who gained 8714 votes retained the Tobago West district. The UTP opened applications for persons willing to contest the elections under the UTP banner in September, Phillip’s said 17 persons were screened but there were no successful candidates.

“We have cut it down to five persons who had pending matters before the court we also had seven members who also didn’t meet the criteria and two had dual citizenship so we are back at the drawing board and we have applications still coming in.”

Phillips issued a call for persons rejected during the recent PNM candidate screening process to become a part of the UTP.

” If you want to represent and you are not being given the opportunity our doors are open we are here to bring unity with all the people of Tobago in spite of political affiliation if you want that ticket to be there if you want to be there to represent why not come to a next party that will give you the opportunity to go and serve your community.”

Dr Denise Tsoiafat Angus, Sheldon Cunningham and Sherridon Kirk are some of the persons Phillips named as desirable candidates. Nominations will be closed for the UTP on November 7.

Guardian Media reached out to Chief Secretary Ancil Dennis for a response to the allegations made by Phillips.

He said, “The people will have their say on that very soon.”