Sookdaye Sonny, 81, of Petit Morne, is assisted by her son Lutchmi Sonny and daughter-in-law Geeta Sonny as she leaves the Ste Madeline Health Centre afer receiving the COVID-19 vaccine yesterday.

Eighty-year-old wheelchair-bound Sookdaye Sonny received her first dose of the Sinopharm vaccine yesterday.

She was among several people who got appointments to take the jab at the Ste Madeleine Health Facility.

Accompanied by a relative, Sonny, of Ste Madeleine, was neither nervous nor concerned about taking the shot.

Speaking with Guardian Media as she was leaving the health centre, Sonny said she felt good. “No, me eh scared. I take it.”

She was told that she would receive the second shot in June.

Ruben Boodoo, of Corinth Hill, said it did not matter to him whether he got the Sinopharm or Astra Zeneca vaccine.

“I just want to take any vaccine that is available. Any vaccine is better than none,” he said.

Boodoo lost a friend to COVID-19 but that did not influence his decision to get vaccinated. He encouraged other people including his children to get vaccinated. Another elderly woman said she was nervous but she had no problems. “It went very well,” she said.

Reesa Bedassie said the process took about an hour. “It was pretty okay. A bit slow in the beginning but once they called you they were moving smoothly, very professional,” Bedassie said.

Now having taken the vaccine, she felt relieved because a lot of people were saying not to take the vaccine.

The roll out of the Sinopharm vaccination began last Friday. The Chinese Government had donated 100,000 doses of the Sinopharm vaccine to this country and the shipment arrived last Wednesday.

Speaking at the Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 update yesterday, Epidemiologist Dr Avery Hinds said eligible people including those 60 years and over with or without non communicable diseases and people under 60 with non communicable diseases.

As of 4 pm yesterday a total of 67,324 people has been vaccinated with the first dose while 1,179 people were fully vaccinated.