The illegal firearm and ammunition seized during the police operation in Valencia on Tuesday. (Image: TTPS)

One man was arrested and a firearm and quantity of ammunition seized by officers of the Valencia CID Task Force and Sangre Grande JAP, during  an  anti-crime  exercise  conducted  in  the  Valencia district, yesterday.

Official police reports state that during the exercise, the officers received a report of a man armed with a firearm at Tattoo Trace in Valencia.

The officers reportedly conducted a search in the area and based on intelligence received, learnt that an individual  known  as  “Indian”  had brandished  a  firearm  during  a fight, which had occurred earlier in the day.

When  the  officers  returned  to  the  station,  they  saw  a  man  who arrived at  the charge  room  to  report a  fight which occurred in Tattoo Trace,  Valencia.  After  the  man  was  interviewed,  he  allegedly confessed  to  brandishing  the  gun  in  the  fight  and  said  he  would take the officers to where he had stored it.

The firearm, a Beretta Sarsilmaz ST10 with 15 rounds of ammunition, was retrieved from a wooden structure.

The man, a 21-year-old labourer, was arrested and charged in connection with the find.

Investigations are ongoing.