UNC candidate for Chaguanas East, Vandana Mohit after casting her vote at the Jerningham Government Primary School.


United National Congress candidate for Chaguanas East, Vandana Mohit, says there has been an incredible turnout of voters at polling stations within the constituency today.

Speaking to Guardian Media outside of the Jerningham Government Primary School where she cast her vote this morning, Mohit said the Covid-19 pandemic has not deterred those wishing to cast their votes.

“We have reports coming in that all of our (polling) stations are packed this morning, every school, we have numbers that we can’t count awaiting the voting process,” Mohit said.

Her own voting process was smooth and incident-free and Mohit said while there were reports of minor issues, those were being dealt with as they arose.

She said the constituents seemed very serious about voting this year and she expects the large crowds to continue throughout the day.