Vasant Bharat speaks with the media after filing nomination papers on Sunday at the UNC Headquarters, Couva

Disappointed but not defeated in spirit.

Vasant Bharath, who lost UNC’s leadership election last Sunday, meets today with his team to do a post mortem of the election – and decide what action they may take on this.

Bharath confirmed this yesterday following questions on his future after his Lotus team lost last Sunday’s UNC internals. UNC leader Kamla Persad- Bissessar and her Star team won.

Bharath conceded soon after Persad Bissessar announced last Sunday that results’ trend showed her team would win. Bharath said voters had spoken and his team accepted their view. Bharath congratulated winners and offered assistance to rebuild UNC – but was blunt on irregularities which he said occurred in the poll.

Bharath added yesterday,” I have no regrets. But I’m a bit disappointed for my team especially as they made the effort in terms of commitment and hard work and truly elevated the bar concerning discussion and the manner in which they behaved.”

He said after his team ‘s post mortem today , they’ll make decisions . Asked if that includes legally challenging the results, he said “We’ll make decisions coming out of the assessment,”

Bharath said there’s so far been no word from the Star team on his offer of assistance, “But we stand ready . The party’s broken down almost irretrievably. Unless something’s done to drastically change the way it does business , it’ll continue to fail. UNC will get continually weaker as they lackskills required to debate issues in and out of Parliament “

“Alhough last Sunday was a victory for the Star team, it was a defeat for TT : there are party members and institutions that are corrupt to the core as was amply demonstrated by the way several presiding officers conducted UNC’s work.”

He said many irregularities his team warned of pre-election occurred – but the election team twice refused to meet his team Bharath added an incident also occurred on Sunday where the election team chairman was allegedly abusive to a Lotus team attorney.

Bharath said the overall situation is even sadder for UNC if yesterday’s claim by Star team member Lackram Bodoe is correct. Bodoe said about 17,000 of UNC’s 120,000 eligible members voted. The figure was confirmed by the election team.

Bharath added, “That shows over 100,00 people weren’t motivated to vote. It shows disenchantment and is an indictment on the leadership. Especially since UNC was mobilized for general elections only four months ago and systems would have been working.”

He said his father and many other lifetime UNC members weren’t allowed to vote ,”And it was a disgrace how some members- like Wade Mark- behaved.

In on a moment captured by Bharath’s team last Sunday , (Star Team’s) senator Wade Mark is seen having a loud argument with Lotus candidate Larry Lalla on why each was at the polling station.

Bharath said he’ll stay in TT and use it as homebase wherever he works. “ TT will continue to have my expertise and input,”


Kamla gives PNM best Christmas present- Devant

The Persad- Bissessar team’s win gave the ruling PNM the best Christmas present the PNM will get, said a morose Devant Maharaj.

Maharaj who was the main force against the Star team, added, “But as of the results last Sunday – I done. It’s downhill for the UNC which seems to only reward the mindless and mediocre. Look at their performances – the Government mash up the Opposition like chillibibi in Parliament last Friday,”

“And after that UNC election victory where the same team PNM mash up, win the internal poll, I’m sure PNM people now going round the place telling the public ‘Welcome to PNM country’ , that PNM will prevail and they’ll be celebrating for Christmas,”

Maharaj said a number of factors in the results – including the low voter turnout – showed that “…..TT is a moko republic , not even a banana republic.”

“ People just want to follow and follow the same thing even though they know change is needed . My advice is pack your bags or else you will be facing Kamla and Keith Rowley only.”