UNC leader Kamla Persad-Bissessar, during Monday night’s Virtual.

United National Congress (UNC) member Vasant Bharath says he reached out to UNC leader Leader Kamla Persad- Bissessar in several ways on New Years’ day – but got no response and doesn’t plan to call back.

But Bharath says he fears for the country given the current state of the Opposition and Government.

He was responding to queries from Guardian Media after Persad- Bissessar’s call at UNC’s meeting on Monday for people including “fence-sitters” to “come home” to the UNC.

She said they must be prepared to work hard and not just want a Senate seat. She also said banding together was necessary with the procurement law issues and proposed the UNC do round table talks with other groups on the matter.

Persad- Bissessar’s speech also included, “My friends let us learn from our mistakes and be better this 2021. I again make a public call for all who wish to join our struggle for a better Trinbago to join us.”

During UNC’s internal election where he lost his bid for the leadership, Bharath had called for party healing and working together.

He said yesterday he’d reached out to Persad- Bissessar on New Year’s Day via text message, email and What’s App and offered to assist in any way she deemed necessary – with no reply to date.

On Persad- Bissessar’s call to “Come Home”, he said, “I’m not sure how one expects an open invitation to join will point a way as to how you can get involved – it seems to be posturing and open platitudes rather.”

Bharath said he will not be calling her back, ”It’s either the leadership feels people like myself, Larry Lalla, Kevin Ramnarine etc have value or they don’t. If they feel we bring no value to the table – so be it.”

Ramnarine was a Cumuto Manzanilla general election nominee and Lalla wanted to seek Tunapuna.

Bharath added, “I believe UNC has a lot of work to do, I don’t believe the population is interested in race politics. People are very, very concerned about the quality of life going forward – many issues including jobs, health care, immigrants entering. As I’ve said before, you need the best minds available to any organization to find a way to resolving issues.”

“But I’m unsure they (in UNC) are committed to doing that work. There’s been no inspirational change – it will be more of the same in 2021.”

As a result of the UNC’s situation, Bharath said, “Government is able to escape with its incompetence simply because they’re not being challenged. That happens in any country with a weak opposition and obviously a strong Government- but ultimately the people suffer.

“Government’s reached a point where they feel they can say and do anything and it’ll get worse.”

Bharath said he will seek employment elsewhere but will stay in TT as much as he can.

“I’m very concerned where TT’s heading – I fear for the country. Twenty-five years ago no one ever thought Venezuela would ever be in the position it is today – and that’s because of its politics.”