Flashback... Venezuelan migrants wait patiently to register for the T&T Government's Venezuelan Migrant Registration Programme in June 2019

“What’s next?”

That’s the question being asked by Venezuelan activist, Sofia Figueroa-Leon, following the assurance that there would be an automatic extension for registered Venezuelan migrants.

During Thursday’s Post-Cabinet Media Briefing, National Security Minister Stuart Young guaranteed that holders of registration cards would get a six-month extension at the end of the period for which they are registered.

However, Figueroa-Leon said with the absence of a proper migrant policy, Venezuelans are subjected to a lack of basic human rights and public services.

“Until proper polices are drafted,” she says, “we will continue in the same way, with people complaining. Government is not complaining so my question is, what will happen after the six months? Are you going to round them up and bring another airplane and put all of them and send them back to Venezuela? What’s going to happen when those six months pass?”

Sofia Figueroa-Leon made the comment during an interview with CNC3 NEWS, today.