One-year-old Yaelvis Santoyo and his mother Darielvis Sarabia in an undated photo.

Two weeks after losing her baby during an interception at sea by the T&T Coast Guard, Darielvis Sarabia, the mother of one-year-old Yaelvis Sabaria, was finally interviewed by officials at the Immigration Division office on Henry Street in Port-of-Spain yesterday.

Darielvis was discharged from the Sangre Grande General Hospital for a second time on Monday and was released to her family.

Last Friday, two days after surgery, she was discharged from the hospital but was detained at the Sangre Grande Police Station, where she complained of being in pain and had to be returned to the hospital.

Sarabia was unable to attend her son’s funeral last Friday.

At yesterday’s interview, she was accompanied by her husband Yermis Santoyo and officials from the La Casita Hispanic and Cultural Centre. She looked weak and in pain.

Darielvis and her two children were among dozens of Venezuelan migrants who entered Trinidad and Tobago waters illegally via the south coast of the island on February 5, when the child was shot.

Since the incident, this is the first time that officials from the Immigration Division were able to meet the mother.