A young Venezuelan woman on her way to sell empanadas in San Fernando on Tuesday was abducted, raped and stabbed in the neck.

When the men were done with the 18-year-old woman she was pushed out of the car at the M2 Ring Road.

Around 1.40 pm, occupants of a passing PH car saw the woman lying on the road and stopped to help her.

She was barely conscious, bleeding from stab wounds to her neck and cuts to her face and hands.

The teenager told police that around midday she entered a white car that she thought was a PH taxi along the Guapo Fyzabad Main Road, Fyzabad. In the car were two male occupants. She was blindfolded, tied up and taken to a dirt road off the M2 Ring Road where she was raped and robbed of cash.

During the ordeal, she was stabbed in the neck. Her attackers then pushed her out of the vehicle and sped off. The ambulance took her to the hospital where she is warded in a critical condition.

Cpl Thompson of Fyzabad CID is investigating.