Southern Division Task Force officers PC Baker, left, and PC Lancaster pick up three undocumented Venezuelans who were walking along Cuchawan Trace, Debe yesterday.

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While most Trinidadians heeded the COVID-19 restrictions, some Venezuelans ventured out of their homes and were arrested by police on Monday.

At Cuchawan Trace in Debe, patrolling officers from the Southern Division Task Force arrested two undocumented Venezuelans who were walking along the SS Erin Road. They then went to a house along SS Erin Road and brought out a third Venezuelan who was quizzed. The undocumented Venezuelans were expected to be handed over to the immigration authorities.

Meanwhile, some Venezuelans were also seen working on agricultural plots along Wellington Road.

Most businesses except for supermarkets, gas stations and fruit stalls were open along the SS Erin Road. Elderly people were seen hobbling to get last-minute items.

At the corner of Suchit Trace and SS Erin Road, watermelon vendor Darren Mahase came out to sell.

Mahase said his uncle spent $30,000 to cultivate a watermelon field which yielded an estimated 70,000 pounds of melon.

“We had our first pick this week and now we are being told that we cannot come out to sell,” Mahase said. He added that some of the watermelons were already getting overripe.

“We cannot let this entire crop go to waste. I have to come out and sell some because we have to make back some of our money,” he said. Both Mahase and his assistant wore surgical masks over their faces as they sold the melons.

At the gas station in Debe, the attendants also wore masks.

Resident Paolo Bissoon said the people of the community were afraid that there was already a local spread of the virus.

“A few nights ago at Mohess Trace, the police came fully geared with masks and suits and took up a family. We heard that they get COVID,” Bissoon said. He added that a resident of Sandhill in Barrackpore also went into isolation from suspected COVID-19.

Car parts outlets opened in the Penal/Debe and Barrackpore areas but some agro shops such as Agro Concepts at Wellington Road, Debe and Bissessar’s Agro Shop at Mucurapo Street, San Fernando which were busy over the past month, stayed closed.

On High Street, all of the businesses were closed and not even roadside vendors came out. The streets remained bare except for the street dwellers who roamed the streets aimlessly looking for remnants of food left-back from Sunday night.