The family and friends of Venezuelan teen Stefani Flores outside the San Fernando Hospital, on Wednesday 12 August 2020. (Image: Otto Carrington)

Venezuela’s National Assembly (AN) has issued a statement rejecting the brutal attack of teenager Stefani Flores in Trinidad.

Luis Parra, president of the organisation, condemned the incident and has demanded justice.

“Venezuelans who have emigrated, because of the crisis, have been subjected to xenophobia and hatred in Peru, Chile, Colombia, Brazil and many more. However, the Government of Trinidad has been the most perverse in its treatment of our people,” said Parra in a press release.

He added: “In Trinidad, hundreds of Venezuelans have been imprisoned, subjected to isolation and even forced labour; on that island our nationals have no rights whatsoever. It is necessary for the national state to protest against such treatment,” Parra stressed.

Parra stated that, “Venezuela cannot allow its children to be attacked and even killed without reason in other countries. I remind the nations that host Venezuelans that they are protected by International Law.

After learning of the attack, the Venezuelan embassy in Trinidad and Tobago reported that it immediately visited Flores at the health centre that she was admitted to.

The diplomatic headquarters thanked police for the prompt capture of the suspects.

On August 11, the Flores took a taxi to go to San Fernando where she was attacked by two men. As she fought with them, she was stabbed several times before being thrown out of the vehicle.

Flores was found on the side of the M2 Ring Road later that day.