Dr Avery Hinds

As the Ministry of Health monitors a sixth case of the COVID-19 Delta Variant of Concern detected in a returning national, Technical Director of the Epidemiology Division Dr Avery Hinds says only 0.02 per cent of vaccinated returning nationals were positive for the disease.

At today’s COVID-19 update, Hinds said the numbers of nationals and non-nationals adults entering T&T included 14,222 vaccinated and 452 unvaccinated. There were 168 vaccinated children, who were in an eligible age group while approximately 1000 were unvaccinated.

Out of these statistics, Hinds said the Ministry identified more COVID-19 cases in the unvaccinated population, “We only had about 0.02 per cent, so that is 200th of a per cent of the total vaccinated nationals coming back with any sort of positive test, whereas we had a .88 per cent of those who were unvaccinated, having positive results. That is an odds ratio of about 42 times.

They are 42 times more likely to have been unvaccinated and then showing up with a positive. So that just gives you an idea of how well the vaccines actually work to reduce the risk of becoming infected in the first place,” Hinds said.

He said contact tracing for the sixth case was robust and all primary contacts were quarantined and tested negative. The Ministry of Health is continuing to monitor the positive case and its contacts for the required periods.

“Once we have an identification of a case of COVID-19, whether in the community or a returning national, all of those procedures are always followed. There is always very robust contact tracing and testing of the relevant primary contacts and secondary in some cases

Principal Medical Officer Dr Mariam Abdool Richard said all cases of the
Delta Variant were detected in people who were already in quarantine based on the national policy for returning nationals. Abdool Richards confirmed that these patients were unvaccinated. She said they were treated. Some were discharged while others still in the parallel healthcare system are doing well.

Reporter: Kevon Felmine