Port-of-Spain, General Hospital

A police officer who was on guard duty at the Port-of-Spain General Hospital was forced to taser a patient, who became violent at a ward on Monday.According to a police report, at about 2 pm PC Weekes of the Carenage Police Station armed with sig sauer 14478 and 45 rounds 9mm ammunition and Spark Taser was on guard duty, guarding a prisoner at Ward 3 when he was alerted by staff members of a male patient acting violently by smashing the glass windows by his bed and throwing objects at staff and patients on the ward. PC Weekes responded and confronted the 46-year-old patient who was suffering from a broken left leg and was sitting on the window ledge. The officer informed the man that he was behaving in a disorderly manner and warned him to desist from continuing his actions however the man refused to comply and continued to throw objects at the staff and other patients on the ward. PC Weekes again warned the patient to desist or the Taser would be used, however the man still refused to comply.

The officer became fearful for the safety of the staff, patients on the ward as well as his own safety and discharged one Spark Taser cartridge at the patient which struck him in the abdomen region which he immediately pulled out. PCs Faustin and Mark of the Belmont Police Station arrived and assisted hospital staff to subdue the patient by strapping him onto the hospital bed.