UNC candidate for San Fernando West Sean Sobers (left) waits in line to vote, while a security officer temperature checks another voter, at the Mon Repos RC School. (Image: KRISTIAN DE SILVA)


Amidst the threat of COVID-19, hundreds of electors turned up before dawn to cast their ballots.

Outside the Mon Repos RC School on Torrence Street, a steady stream of voters entered the compound.

UNC candidate for San Fernando West Sean Sobers arrived at 6:30am.

Most people wore their masks in the polling station but others who walked outside did not. Everyone who entered the polling booth were asked to wear masks.

Many of the early voters were the elderly, who hobbled in with their walking sticks and walkers to cast their ballots.

One voter, Robin Maharaj, said he woke up early to be among the early voters. Many of the electors expressed confidence in the COVID-19 protocols.

At the Picton Presbyterian School, a long line of people waited to vote before dawn. Cars lined up along Papourie Road.

At Pouchet Trace, San Fernando in the San Fernando West Constituency, people lined up before dawn.

One voter named Watson said she came to the polling booth at 5:15 am.

” It’s the first time I have been the first person to vote. Normally I vote on evenings but today is a busy day for me, ” Watson said.