The compound of the Water and Sewerage Authority at Farm Road, St Joseph.

Despite the call of the president of the Public Service Association (PSA) for employees of the Water and Sewerage Authority to stay at home today, there was a steady flow of workers coming into the company’s Farm Road compound on Tuesday morning.

Last Saturday (February 27th), Watson Duke called for employees of WASA to “take a day to rest, reflect and reset their minds on Tuesday”.

Duke cited the threat of unemployment, financial instability brought on by pay cuts, and the refusal to adjust workers’ salaries, as the reasons for the stay-at-home action.

However, one security officer on the St Joseph compound said the influx of workers on Tuesday morning was “normal” for any working day.

One daily paid employee, who spoke to Guardian Media on the condition of anonymity, said he did not believe the call to stay at home applied to him.

He said he would not take any such action as he was fearful of losing his job.