I had the unfortunate experience of driving, in Dr. Rowley’s constituency, along Four Roads, in Diego Martin, on Sunday afternoon.

I was absolutely flummoxed that this road, which was paved about one month before elections, was in absolutely horrendous condition.

It was dug up almost from the WASA sub-station heading west, past St. Finbar’s church and heading south to St. Anthony’s College.

WASA, as usual, waited until it was paved, to move in mountains of equipment to lay down pipelines. WASA did not have the courtesy to even try and re-pave the road after they completed their work.

It seems that the residents are quite happy, as well, because there has been nary a peep from them.

Even The Westerly, which is usually on point about Western matters, in its September 2020 edition, was silent on the issue.

Maybe they do not want to antagonise the Prime Minister!

On my way back out, heading east along Four Roads, towards the gas station, I noticed that someone is destroying the top of the mountain. A significant chunk has already been removed.

One day, a heavy rain might bring grief to the people of Petit Valley and environs. Look up to the mountain to understand why.

Almost two months ago, I reported a leak to WASA on Sun Valley Extension Road, in Santa Cruz. The road is actually caving in from the water.

About two weeks ago, I called to inquire for an update. I was told that WASA was waiting for a backhoe and a truck. I kid you not!

The Representative for Arouca / Maloney, Mrs. Camille Robinson-Regis should explain to the people of Arouca, why, for the first time in living memory, they are being severely impacted by floods.

Is there some planned or unplanned development that has destroyed a significant part of the interior and is now manifested whenever a heavy rain falls?

Perhaps, someone can say why, from the Audrey Jeffers Highway, a huge patch of the hills, somewhere in the heights of St. James, is now dirt brown in colour. What happened to the trees? Is this a private development or a government project?

I watch with alarm how people, both rich and poor, are destroying our natural habitats. We can develop by incorporating our environment. But that does not seems to be a priority for anyone, including the government.

The sad thing is, that the people doing these dastardly deeds will be dead, when the full effects are felt.

Linus F. Didier

Mt. Hope