WASA Executive Director Lennox Sealy

The Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) is promising to engage all stakeholders before rolling out a metering exercise for its customers.

In a press release yesterday, WASA said metering its customers through a universal metering programme “has been under consideration for some time now,” aimed at improving efficiency in the authority’s operation and delivery of service to customers.

“The mechanism for funding this programme will be determined, in the future, as part of a major detailed project analysis which includes technical, financial, economic and social aspects of undertaking the exercise and will involve full consultation with stakeholders,” the release stated.

The release sought to clarify a May 16 Sunday Guardian article headlined “Customers to pay $3,000 for WASA metres”, which according to WASA gave the impression that a recent policy decision on this matter had been made which was not the case.

“It should be noted that metering has proven, in all jurisdictions, to lower the customers’ water utility bill as customers only pay for what they use,” the release pointed out.

WASA’s executive director Dr Lennox Sealy said installing meters was not a “front burner” issue for the authority.

“It will come at some time in the future. We have to give people water first…that is our priority.”