A pickup sinks in a pothole near the Area Hospital in Point Fortin over the weekend.

KEVON [email protected]

The Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) says it repaired the leak near the Area Hospital in Point Fortin that caused the massive pothole that trapped a pickup truck over the weekend.

WASA’s corporate communications manager Daniel Plenty said that a work crew repaired the leak yesterday afternoon.

Plenty said they temporarily filled the hole until they can do further paving.

Photographs posted to social media on Sunday showed the front left wheel of a white Toyota pick-up sunken in the hole that was filled with water.

So deep was the hole that the back of the pick-up was suspended off the road.

According to the poster, a few men jumped on the tray of the pick-up to lift the front wheel out of the hole while another vehicle pulled it away.

Point Fortin Mayor Kennedy Richards Jr said a ruptured line eroded the road quickly, as when he drove along Volunteer Road two days ago, he did not see anything resembling the hole in the photographers.

Richards said since operations began at the desalination plant in Point Fortin, the water pressure has caused some of the old pipelines to rupture.

He said a crew from the Point Fortin Borough Corporation will look at the area to ensure it is safe.