One of 16 landslips along St Julien Road, Princes Town, which has caused damage to water lines, triggering disruption in the water supply.

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WASA says landslips in the St Julien district are responsible for the disruption of the community’s water supply.

A senior WASA official said yesterday that the area is serviced by the Navet dam. However, he said the constant shifting of the land is the reason leaks develop frequently.

The issue arose after Doodooman Sankar, 79 and his wife Randaye, 84, perished in a fire last Sunday at their St Julien Road home.

At the time, the area was without water so the fire could not be extinguished.

Meanwhile, Princes Town MPBarry Padarath said it was not accurate to say road works were ongoing in the St Julien district.

“I heard the minister’s response in the Senate and that is a complete lie. When I spoke to him on Monday, he didn’t know of a geotechnical team ever went into St Julien. He also told me that several landslips throughout the country were being tendered but couldn’t say if St Julien was among them. There is no work ongoing,” Padarath said.

On Tuesday, Minister Sinanan said there were 16 landslips in St Julien Village, of which two were being addressed. He said St Julien Road used to be a track but had evolved over time.

Built on a ridge without any major changes to its structure, Sinanan said the road was not designed for use by the drivers of heavy trucks and ten-wheeler vehicles.

He said the history of the road showed that the soil in the terrain was prone to landslips and failures.

“Over the years the ministry has constantly conducted repairs to the roadway as a result of these challenges and has done over 40 landslips in an effort to keep this road passable. The ministry continues to be challenged by the soil movement and instability and to date, there are 16 landslips,” Sinanan added.

A funeral for the beloved couple has not yet been arranged, as DNA tests have to be done on their remains.