The Water and Sewage Authority (WASA) says from Friday citizens can check its website and social media accounts to find out when they will get water supply in their pipes.

This comes after reports have surfaced from South, Central and East Trinidad of dry taps and discoloured water coming from taps as the public tries to heed warnings to wash their hands and properly sanitise their homes in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In response to questions sent by Guardian Media, WASA’s corporate communications manager, Daniel Plenty said the authority is taking steps to address the water issues.

The release said WASA was redistributing water from unaffected areas with high pressure to water-stressed areas on the periphery of the water distribution system.

“The use of water from the authority’s four main impounding reservoirs i.e. Arena, Navet, Hollis and Hillsborough, is being closely monitored and managed to ensure maximum water availability and production at this time. Measures have been taken to ensure optimum water production from groundwater sources, by closely monitoring and servicing existing wells equipment,” the release stated.

But dry season conditions have been negatively impacting on water production.

“This as the country continues to experience below normal rainfall for the period January to February 2020 as follows: Navet 25.8 per cent and Hollis – 14.7 per cent while rainfall at Arena, North Oropouche and Hillsborough were marginally below normal for the same period.

Based on projections of rainfall by the Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Service and the need for potable water to counter the COVID-19 pandemic, the authority has none the less increased its releases from its major impounding reservoirs by approximately 18 million gallons daily,” the release said.

With production ramped up, WASA has assured customers that measures are in place to ensure a sustainable supply during the period.

Water-use restrictions remain in place and customers are being urged to manage their water wisely.

With social distancing in place, WASA has advised customers that it has limited services at its customer business centres, call centre and new services department.

Customers can avoid going into those centres by paying their bills, request truck-borne supplies and report leaks by instead going online at www.wasa.gov.tt or using the WASA Services App available on the Apple and Google Play Stores.