Residents of Teemul Trace, Penal stage a protest for water. Image by Rishi Ragoonath

The Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) says they have not been able to provide a reliable supply of water to customers in the Libertville, Rio Claro and Teemul Trace, Penal over the last few weeks because of several mechanical and pipeline disruptions. The following is a press release from WASA:

The Water and Sewerage Authority (the Authority) wishes to acknowledge that it has experienced difficulties in providing a reliable water supply to customers in the Libertville, Rio Claro and Teemul Trace, Penal areas in recent weeks.

This situation developed following several mechanical and pipeline disruptions that impacted both areas over the period. With respect to Libertville, Rio Claro, which is supplied by Navet Water Treatment Plant via the San Pedro Booster, the area was impacted by leaks that developed on the 8 inch diameter pipeline at LP 660 and 828 Naparima Mayaro Road.

These were repaired on 22nd September, 2021, however, on 23rd September, 2021 a mechanical problem developed at the San Pedro Booster Station, which again affected supply to the area. A new pump was acquired and installed at the facility on 29th September, 2021, therefore, pipe borne service was restored to the affected area last night (Wednesday 29th September 2021).

The Authority recognizes that some customers did not receive a supply, however, this should be regularized by tonight – Thursday 30th September, 2021, at which time all affected customers are expected to receive a service. In relation to Teemul Trace, Penal, the area was impacted by at least three different ruptures on the transmission pipelines at Barrackpore and St John, which occurred over a two week period.

The most recent was completed on 28th September, 2021 and the service is being normalized to the affected areas. Customers located at the lower level of the Teemul Trace area, have already received a pipe borne water supply, while customers at the higher elevations are expected to receive a supply by tonight – Thursday 30th September, 2021.

It should be noted that the Authority has been in contact with the local government representative for the area, as well as members of the Penal/Debe Regional Corporation, with updates on the water supply situation to the Penal area. The Authority also engaged in providing truck borne water deliveries to affected customers in Teemal and Napalia Trace on Monday and Tuesday of this week.

The Authority wishes to assure customers that it remains committed to restoring water service in parts of the Rio Claro and Penal areas in the shortest possible time, following recent unforeseen mechanical and pipeline disruptions.