Agnes Joseph-Small holds up an empty water bottle and a pot as she protest for water in Rose Hill Street, Claxton Bay, last Saturday.

The Water and Sewerage Authority (WASA) says it is working to complete pipeline interconnection work in the coming days to improve the delivery of pipe-borne water supply to Claxton Day residents, who were without water for three months.

On Saturday, residents of Rose Hill, Hill Top Drive and Lodge Road came out of their homes with barrels, dirty clothes and buckets to protest their dry taps.

Without water, they said dirty dishes and clothes were piling up, making it difficult to live in their homes.

With COVID-19 cases rising in the past weeks, they are worried about not being able to wash their food and sanitise their surfaces adequately. WASA said residents got a pipe-borne supply of water on Sunday.

Residents confirmed this yesterday but said only those on the hill got water while those off it are still waiting.

They said a WASA official told them that they would soon begin to receive a bi-weekly supply but did not specify which days.WASA’s corporate communication manager Daniel Plenty said the communities of Rose Hill, Hill Top Drive, Lodge Road and environs are on the extremities and elevated region of Gasparillo.

Plenty said recent cutbacks in production at the Caroni Water Treatment Plant due to low river levels and intermittent disruptions at the Point Lisas Desalination Plant resulted in low pressures.

This impacted customers who live on the extremities and elevated areas along the distribution system. “The communities referenced received a supply from Sunday 4 to Monday 5 April 2021. However, the authority is currently working towards completing pipeline interconnection works in the coming days that is expected to improve the reliability of the scheduled supply to the area i.e. between Friday and Tuesday, weekly,” Plenty said.