WASA Headquarters, St Joseph

The Water and Sewerage Authority’s (WASA) 2022 Dry Season Water Supply Management Plan, which includes restrictions on the use of hose pipes, went into effect at midnight and will be in force until June 30.

The use of sprinklers, pressure washers, as well as decorative fountains, waterfalls and other outdoor artistic features that use water are included among the restrictions.

There are also prohibitions on persons “taking, using or diverting water from a reservoir, watercourse, conduit, pipe or other apparatus” or “negligently operating or otherwise interfering with any valve or other apparatus” belonging to and used by WASA. In addition, persons are prohibited from attaching any pipe or apparatus or making any alteration to any pipe belonging to WASA.

During the period of water use restrictions, authorised officers WASA can enter any premises supplied with water at all reasonable hours to determine whether there is waste or misuse of water.

Anyone who breaches the prohibition is liable to a fine upon summary conviction.

There will be increased patrols by the WASA to ensure compliance with the ban.