A watermelon vendor of Kernaham Trace, Manzanilla was found dead yesterday morning at the side of the road with chop wounds about the body.

The man was identified as Mickey Rambally alias Ras, a 56-year-old

Police reported that around 5 am on Sunday a prison officer of Guppy Hill Trace, Union Village Rio Claro was driving his vehicle North along Manzanilla Road when he happened to observe a dark object lying motionless on the eastern side of the road.

A report was made to the Mayaro Police Station.

Officer arrived, cordoned off the area and found the body of the 56-year-old man covered in blood.

The man’s body was found some 55 feet away from a small wooden structure which he occupied.

When officers searched there they found the front door broken down and blood all over a mattress and the floor.

A blood-stained cutlass was found on the scene and seized by police.

Investigators suspect Rambally was attacked by his killer, while he was asleep and put up a fight, then ran out his house but collapsed and died while he attempted to seek help.