Former Minister of Culture Joan Yuille Williams, left, San Fernando Mayor Junia Regrello, Comedian Rachel Price, Natasha Nurse wife of the late Dennis “Sprangalang” Hall, CEO of the City Corporation Indarjit Singh, and Councillor Ryaad Hosein unveil the street sign, Dennis Sprangalang Hall Street in San Fernando yesterday.

More than a month after his death the widow of Dennis “Sprangalang” Hall, helped to unveil a street sign near Skinner Park, bearing his name.

Natasha Nurse known in the calypso world as Sexy Suzie yesterday also collected a plaque dedicated to her late husband.

The proceedings marked part of the 32nd-anniversary celebration of San Fernando since it was given City status in 1988.

Hall was one of 12 persons to be recognized this year for their sterling contribution to the arts.

The theme this year aptly named – The Year of the Arts saw six people receiving their awards during an interfaith service on Sunday and the others at the Corporation’s annual statutory meeting.

Hall was born and raised on Lord Street, San Fernando and was the father of one daughter and a granddaughter who lives in Boston, USA.

His widow Nurse said her one regret is that he was not here to receive his honour and to be the first to walk on the street named after him.

Speaking at the San Fernando City Hall Auditorium Councillor for Les Effort East/Cipero Ryaad Hosein said it was a concerted effort within the council and residents from the area to name the street after the beloved entertainer and comedian.

Hosein said the street known to residents as Park Street B had been informal and the decision to rename it after Hall was an easy one.

He said: “Because of the contribution and the development which Sprangalang had done for San Fernando we decided to recognize him; as an icon for San Fernando and in the arts we decided to name it Dennis Sprangalang Hall Street. For his contribution towards the arts and culture in Trinidad and Tobago.”

Hall was 71 years old when he passed and had a career that spanned for over 30 years.

He died of complications from a stroke at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex on October 2.

His widow said she finally came to terms with Hall’s passing and was working on getting her health back on track with the help of fellow artistes and family.

Nurse said: “I am still doing therapy because I had a drop nerve, (a mild stroke) on the left of my body before his funeral. I am very happy they decided to do this because he deserves it and I am sorry he could not be the person to come and walk on his own street first. I have to contact his children and let them know about it.”

Chief Executive Officer of the San Fernando City Corporation Indarjit Singh also signed a contract with Dr Michael Anthony to begin a book about the history of San Fernando from artefacts retrieved in a vault dated back to 1860.