Police are searching for five men who robbed a welder at his workplace and then burglarised his boss’ house in Gasparillo.

A police report stated around 12:10 pm on Wednesday, 60-year-old Parbhudeo Narine, was at his workplace, Farid General Construction at Bonne Aventure Road, when he was approached by two men, one armed with a gun. They reportedly robbed him of his Samsung cell phone worth $1,400 and tied him up.

The bandits were joined by three other assailants who destroyed an area of the roof and entered the house. They ransacked the house and reportedly escaped with an air rifle worth $4,500, some $8,000 in cash, a quantity of jewellery valued at $15,000, a total drill worth $1,000, a laptop valued at $2,700, a DVR valued at $2,000, and a quantity of assorted alcoholic beverages together valued at $2,000.

The owner was not at home. 

Investigations are continuing.