Response to possible Violation of Rio Treaty by T&T

Madam President, I would like to use this opportunity to remind those listening that Trinidad and Tobago’s position with respect to Venezuela has always been one of non-intervention and non-interference. This position was joined by Caricom, this position was taken by Caricom leaders including our Prime Minister to the United Nations.

At the United Nations it was the Secretary General who informed Caricom and others that the United Nations recognises the Maduro Government. At this stage and at all stages this administration has no horse in the race.

Furthermore, our relationship with the United States continues to be a very strong one. Our relationship with the United States is one grounded in that they are one of our most significant allies.

In fact, I just left a security briefing where we were discussing the recent drug find of $663 million that was a partnership between Trinidad and Tobago and the United States. The mischief that is continuing by certain persons in Trinidad and Tobago and starting with fuel supply when that is explained, then talking about a plane and a manifest of a plane and now this, I would just like to put it on record that the United States continues to be one of our strongest allies. We continue to have open channels of communication with them.

And furthermore, I lay this caution that all that seems and all that they seem to be relying on here with respect to the Treaty may not in fact be as they believe it to be. Thank you.

Response to if Government was aware of US government’s statement on T&T’s possible breach treaty

“As I have said, Madam President, we continue to have open channels of communication. In fact, last week the United States Government’s head and top diplomat in Trinidad and Tobago, that is, the Ambassador, not any underling who may or may not be speaking to the media, the United States Ambassador had a conversation with me, as a representative of the Cabinet level of the Government, and there were other conversations had and there was no raising of the breach of any treaty.”