An 82-year-old amputee who attacked a relative with a knife was killed during an altercation at his Princes Town home on Monday.

The deceased, who was confined to a wheelchair, has been identified as Lennard Mohammed of Railway Road.

Following the incident, the 25-year-old relative involved in the altercation went to the police station with his mother and made a report. He was taken into custody pending investigations. 

Guardian Media understands that at 9:09 pm on Monday, the police received a report about a fight and when they got to the address, they met Mohammed’s wife. The 81-year-old woman reported that Mohammed was threatening her. She said he then got a knife and attacked the 25-year-old relative which led to an altercation.

Mohammed reportedly lunged at his relative and fell off the chair bleeding. The officers found Mohammed lying face down motionless in a pool of blood. Three wounds were observed in the area of his neck. Police reportedly recovered a silver-handled knife from the scene.

The body was removed to be taken to the Forensic Science Centre for a COVID test, to be followed by a post-mortem examination.

Investigations are continuing.