Murder victim Damien Mollineau

A Moruga widow is struggling to understand why her husband’s dying declaration as to who shot him is not enough for the suspect to be arrested and charged.

“I find it (police investigation) is very poor. A man say who kill him. He said it more than once and people hear him. That is the only person with that name in the village and the police let him go?,” lamented mother of four Natalie Riley-Mollineau.

Riley-Mollineau’s husband Damien Mollineau, 40, a gardener, was fatally shot on Boxing Day last year in his garden at Edward Trace, Moruga. He was shot four times. As he ran from the shooter.

His brother Albert “Ibo” Douglas who was waiting for him in the van could hear him bawling and shouting the shooter’s name. Douglas recalled, “I hear bow! The sec­ond one I hear he start to bawl ‘Ibo, Ibo, Ibo, (name call) shoot­ing me boy. (Name call) shoot­ing me boy, (Name call) I see yuh boy. (Name call) I see­ing yuh boy, yuh shoot­ing meh boy (name called), yuh shoot­ing meh.’”

Mollineau also told his wife and other persons who had shot him. He died shortly after while being cradled in his wife’s arms in the back seat of a vehicle on the way to the hospital.

The suspect was arrested shortly after the shooting, but he was subsequently released pending further investigations.

In a telephone interview, Riley-Mollineau said her family has been ripped apart. His death, she said, has left her four children ages 17, 12, eight and five, in a state of sadness. “No counselling yet for these children. Every night they crying for their father. My son say one day in school his head get blank because his mind just running back on his daddy. The children cannot function.”

Mollineau was the sole breadwinner of the family, but with the help of relatives, his widow said they are surviving.

She said her husband’s brother Douglas is haunted by Mollineau’s voice on that fateful day and is having problems sleeping at nights. “In the excitement nobody recorded it but my husband called (named called) name more than once. He said it to me too and his son. That is concrete evidence.”

Riley-Mollineau aid the family is hurt that the suspect is walking free while her husband is dead.

“It upset the whole a family, cause he out free and enjoying his life and every minute my children are crying.”

She pleaded with the police to expedite their investigations and arrest her husband’s killer.

She added, “God ent sleeping.”