Murder victim Ricky Morris and his wife Vickie Joseph in happier times.

Sharlene Rampersad

A grieving widow is calling for justice for her husband of six months, who was gunned down on Father’s Day in Penal.

Vickie Joseph told Guardian Media on Tuesday that her husband Ricky Morris was shot and killed by bullets intended for his brother.

In an interview at the Forensic Sciences Centre in St James, Joseph said she and Morris had been together for 11 years before deciding to tie the knot on January 24.

“June 24th would have made it six months since we got married, I am not taking this good at all,” she said.

Morris was killed sometime on Sunday while with his brother and an uncle.

Joseph said all she knew of his death was that the three were liming together when a gunman ran up to them.

“His brother was there and his brother took his uncle and ran when they saw the gunman coming when they couldn’t’ get his brother, so the gunman killed my husband.”

As she waited to be called to identify Morris’ body, Joseph recounted something he told her often.

“He used to tell me that ‘Babes, if anything happen, I love you, just take care of yourself.’ I am going to get justice, I am not going to leave this, his killer/s must be brought to justice, it’s not like you are going to take an innocent life and walk. If I have to move heaven and earth and go to the four corners of the earth, I will do it,” Joseph said.

She said Morris’ brother was shot at several years ago and she believes this incident was another attempt on his life.

But Morris’ brother Martin Morris disputed this theory.

“My brother told me he went to check his son and I don’t know if when they left the place or where they was, I don’t know if they stopped somewhere and had some altercation or something, I do not know. When I got the phone call from my sister-in-law to tell me to go and check on my brother, that I found out,” Martin said.

He said while attempts had been made on his other brother’s life there was no link between that incident and Morris’ murder.

“My brother was very hardworking and I loved him dearly and it’s hurting me to know this happened to him and his brother and uncle were around him and none of them couldn’t save him. I can’t really comprehend what happened in that little space of time that they couldn’t save him but this incident is not related to those incidents,” Martin said.