Clinical Psychologist Dianne Douglas during her interview on CNC3’s Morning Brew, yesterday.

The family of Roger Singh say they are sorry for Monday’s tragedy in which the former teacher murdered his wife, Naiee and killed himself.While Naiee’s family anguish over her death, Singh’s relative called on them to forgive him.The relative, who did not want to be identified, spoke to Guardian Media outside the Forensic Science Centre yesterday. He said Singh, 33, was never a violent person and may have suffered a mental breakdown on Monday morning.

He added that this family never knew him to possess a gun nor have access to one. Despite his actions, they believe he loved Naiee with all his heart and was devastated when she left him.

However, they could tell why the couple separated. Singh’s family said they were hurting and believes that it will be long before they can accept the tragedy and move on.Meanwhile, police said they are looking into a viral video circulating on social media, which allegedly shows Naiee with a male companion at a party last weekend.

While investigators said they have no confirmation that the woman in the video was Singh, if it is found to be her, they’re hoping that it could help bring some closure to Monday’s tragedy.

DCP Jayson Forde said that if the video turns out to be a lead that can help the police, investigators will pursue it to see whether the man in the video can assist. Forde said, although Singh was murdered by her estranged husband, who then killed himself, they want to find out the motive.

However, he said the police cannot come to any conclusion as yet.An autopsy yesterday confirmed that Naiee died from two gunshots to her head while Singh died from a bullet to his head. (KF)