The silver Ford Focus in which Narine Maraj and his wife Mattie were kidnapped, on Saturday 8th January 2022.

Two days after the husband of a kidnapped couple of Madras Settlement made his escape from their kidnappers, his 54-year-old wife was found wandering along Cumaca Road in Valencia on Tuesday.  It is believed she was dropped off in the area by her kidnappers.

Guardian Media understands that Mattie Maraj, 54, after walking the Cumaca Road, came upon a house and entered, asking for assistance. She related her kidnap ordeal to the occupants of the house, who immediately telephoned the Valencia Police.

Officers responded to report and met Mattie who identified herself as the wife of kidnap victim, Narine Maraj, who had been kidnapped along with him on Saturday.

Visiting the scene were Ag Snr Supt Ryan Khan, officers from Kidnapping Unit, CID Officers, SORT Eastern Division Task Force, Air Support and police officers from Valencia who were the first to respond.

Police officers took Mattie to the Sangre Grande Hospital where she is receiving medical attention.

She has been interviewed by officers of the Anti-Kidnapping Unit, who are continuing with their investigation into her and her husband’s kidnapping.  Police confirmed that three suspects were also arrested and are assisting with the investigation.

Narine Maraj.

Mattie’s husband, Narine Maraj, had managed to escape his kidnappers on Sunday around 3 pm.  Reports are he stopped a vehicle and asked the driver to take him to the nearest police station. He was taken to the Arima Police Station where he identified himself as Narine Maraj, husband of Mattie Maraj, both of whom had been kidnapped from their farm in Piarco and for whom the kidnappers demanded a $2 million ransom for their release. 

Narine Maraj was taken to the nearby Arima Health Facility where he received medical treatment.

According to a police report, around 5:30pm on Saturday 8 January 2022, Maraj and his wife left their Madras Settlement, St Helena home to go to Piarco to check their animals on their farm.

Around 6:35 pm, one of their family members reportedly received a phone call from her Maraj’s cellphone, and a strange voice reportedly said:

“We have your people, and we are demanding $2 million for their release.”

The relative who was shocked tried contacting her dad’s phone, but her efforts proved futile.

The police conducted searches at Buildings One and Two in the China Town at Oropune Gardens for the kidnap victims, but their searches were unsuccessful.