For years a 49-year-old woman remained silent while she was beaten, abused and violated by her husband.

For years a 49-year-old woman remained silent while she was beaten, abused and violated by her husband.

She even lost her unborn baby after he threw her out of a window.

With support from her co-workers three years ago, the CEPEP worker fled the abusive relationship and took out a protection order.

But, he never stopped abusing her.

For several months he had stopped harassing her and she thought he was finally leaving her alone.

But, last week Wednesday, she went to work and he attacked her.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, the mother of five recalled that she walked to a nearby parlour to buy something to drink.

She said her ex-husband accosted her and accused her of making bacchanal with his female friend.

“I did not expect the lash and he end up coming and slap me down in the shop and tell me he will kill me. I tell him I going to call the police. He say call the police.”

Bleeding from a cut on her lip and scared, she made her way back to the job site and told her co-workers what had happened.

The woman called the police but when they did not come she went to station where she made a report.

Recalling the abuse she endured for years, she said, “Well most of the time he used to hit me, take out all of the teeth from my mouth. He throw me through the window when I was pregnant.”

She lost the baby. “I never went to the police because he always say he will kill me. I was too afraid.” Until, she said, one day she went to work with her face blue and black and a cut under her eye. With support from her co-workers and employer, she went to the police station and then moved out the house.

Even after he would still physically and verbally assault her. She eventually took out a protection order which expired.

After Wednesday’s attack, however, she took out another protection order.

Her co-worker recalled how she was bleeding and crying when she came back on the job site.

He said, “She came back on the job, crying and bleeding and telling us what her ex-husband did. I find what is going on in the country today with the Ashanti murder and all of that, I find that overbearing so I told her to call the police.”

He was not pleased with the police lack of response.

Disturbed by the violent attacks against women, he had a message for the men in the country.

He said, “I feel a man better you beat a pillow or you beat your bed or you mash up something in the house but don’t hit women. Better you beat a bed, take out your rage on something else but don’t do it to women.”

The woman’s neighbour called for the man to be arrested.

“Since I small growing up I know this woman. She is a nice woman and she don’t deserve this. He would pelt her with food and beat her in front of his relatives.”

She said the man also threatened her and other neighbours. “We all fed up of him. They need to do something before it is too late.”

The woman said she lives in constant fear that he would attack her. “I just want him to leave me in peace,” she pleaded.

At last Tuesday’s TTPS media press briefing, head of the Gender-Based and Violence Unit Supt Claire Guy-Alleyne appealed to the public to intervene and speak out when a woman or child is being abused.

Lamenting that women and girls were being hunted and attacked, she announced a Special Victims Unit will be launched within the TTPS next year. For the year 46 women have been murdered, 21 under domestic violence circumstances.