Kenrick Gooding who was chopped on his head on Easter Sunday

A 36-year-old Williamsville man, who was brutally chopped on the head during a dispute with a villager. is begging for justice.

Kenrick Gooding, of Kelly Junction, complained that it had been more than two weeks since the attack and his assailant was yet to be arrested.

Meanwhile, Gooding, who lives alone, can barely get off his bed due to the severity of the pain to his head.

“The pain is get worse when I try to walk. Right now it is hard for me to do anything,” said Gooding.

He underwent emergency surgery, received 24 stitches on his head and spent one week warded at the San Fernando General Hospital.

“If I was the one who take the blade and chop up the man I would be lock up all now,” complained Gooding.

Recalling the incident, he said around 5.30 pm on Easter Sunday (April 12) he was standing opposite his home burning rubbish on the side of the road.

Gooding said he was approached by the assailant, the assailant’s common-law wife who was armed with a knife and another man.

They came with two buckets of water and insisted that he put out the fire. This led to a heated argument which escalated into a fight.

Gooding said the assailant left and returned with a cutlass. “He run up to me and chop me on my head and when I fall he trying to chop me up. But, he couldn’t because I was dancing around. I grab the blade and pull myself up.”

Gooding’s brother ran to his assistance and cuffed the assailant.

“He (assailant) let go of the handle of the blade and run back in the yard and fall down. My brother sit down on top of him and he start to beg.”

He said the assailant managed to get away and sought refuge at a nearby drugstore.

“At the time I did not know I get this big chop. I thought my head buss,” said Gooding.

He said the police picked him up and on the way, they flagged down an ambulance which took him to the hospital. His left hand was also injured when he grabbed the blade.

Gooding, a rigger/scaffolder, who has been operating a vegetable stall after work halted due to the coronavirus pandemic, complained that in his current condition he could not work.

He said, “This is attempted murder. I have a big crack on my skull for life. This man almost kill me. I find so long pass and no one get arrested yet.”

He claimed the police told him that the investigation was moving at a slow pace due to COVID-19 measures.

A senior officer, however, told Guardian Media that the investigation was ongoing and was about 95 percent completed.

Gasparillo police are investigating.