A 32-year-old woman who was abducted after boarding a ‘PH’ taxi in Piarco managed to escape after fighting off the assailants.

According to a police report, just after 2 pm Sunday, the victim was standing along Golden Grove Road, Piarco in the vicinity of Swissport awaiting transportation.

The victim stopped a Nissan B series vehicle with two male occupants—the driver and a passenger seated in the back.

The victim entered the front passenger seat and asked to be taken to Arouca. The vehicle drove west along Golden Grove Road, then proceeded North along Golden Grove Road, when upon reaching Regent Star Hotel at BWIA Boulevard, the driver made a left turn unto Farm Road, then onto Mohan Trace. The driver brought the vehicle to a sudden stop, following which the male passenger in the back came out, armed with a knife and ordered the women out of the car.

Fearing for her life the woman struggled to disarm her attacker.

During the commotion, the victim’s cell phone and a wallet that contained $50TT fell out in the vehicle, after which the men sped off in the car.

The victim received an injury to her right hand.

The woman sought assistance and contacted the police and was later taken to the Piarco Police Station to make a report.

Officers immediately mounted a search for the men and vehicle but came up empty-handed.

Investigations are ongoing.