Kenny Wolfe

Six people have been charged with the double murder of Kenny Wolfe and James Ferguson who were shot and killed at Concordia on July 21, 2020.

Five men and one woman will answer several charges, including two counts of murder, possession of firearms, possession of ammunition and possession of marijuana.

Police say a rigorous investigation was conducted by the Homicide Bureau of Investigations with the assistance of and in collaboration with the Tobago Division, the Special Investigations Unit, Crime Scene Management Unit, Research Analysis Unit, SORT and other strategic partners both internal and external.

Police say, three firearms were recovered – one Glock 9mm pistol, one Smith and Wesson 9mm pistol, one AR-15 assault rifle, along with one extended magazine with 23 rounds of 9mm ammunition, and 28 rounds 5.56 ammunition.

Officers also seized 664 grammes of marijuana valued at $30,000 and $23,543 cash T&T currency.

During the inquiry, 17 persons were detained and interviewed, seven houses were processed by CSI, and nine vehicles were seized.

Around 10 pm on June 21, Wolfe, who was the driver of a Nissan Tiida, was in the company of James Ferguson, Nicholas Cowan and Bronson Nicholls.

They were travelling along St Cecelia Road when they were ambushed. We are told that an Elantra which was travelling in the opposite direction crashed into them, causing the vehicle to stop. Armed with semi-automatic weapons, the assailants exited the vehicle and shot at them.

During the hail of gunfire, Wolfe, Ferguson, Cowan and Nicholls attempted to escape.

However, Wolfe was shot in the back and he died on the spot. He was found approximately 78 feet down a bushy incline. Cowan was not injured, while Nicholls was taken to hospital for minor injuries. Ferguson remained missing overnight, however, with the help of residents, when Homicide Officers returned to the scene where Kenny Wolfe was murdered the next day, they found the body of Ferguson with gunshot wounds.